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Month: August 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration – 8.31.15

1) The Four Phases of Developing Your Creative Voice via 99u If you’re screwing up, you’re doing it right. 2) 5 Quotes From Famous Artists On How They Became Famous via Hypebot Jay-Z and Arcade Fire were once nobodies too. 3) The Creative Benefit of Complete Ignorance via 99u If you don’t know the rules, you won’t worry about breaking them. 4) The New Making It via The New York Times Magazine Six artists in…

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Just Start

I realized that by not prioritizing music, I had abandoned an integral part of who I was. I’ve found it’s hard for me to create my own momentum if I’m waiting. Maybe I don’t want to grind out a show per month like I used to in the old days when I was so poor I’d take my keyboard on the subway, but if I wait around for opportunities to fall into my lap, I’ll do nothing. What I’ve learned here is that I can’t move forward without moving forward. I can’t wait until it’s the exact right time or the exact right idea. Those things will never come. I can only start and hope the wind is at my back.

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