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Month: September 2015

Dispelling Creativity Myths

Creativity is not open-ended. Creativity needs constraints. You’ll be able to be more creative when you’re trying to create within a specific framework. Inspiration is not spontaneous. You’re going to have to write when you don’t have ideas, sing when your soul is weary, dance when your body is exhausted. Sometimes your best work will be what you created when you really didn’t feel like it. Unexpressed creativity is not benign.* Ignoring that voice inside…

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Monday Morning Inspiration – 9.21.15

1) Omission via The New Yorker Writing is selection. 2) A Chat with Dionne Osborne, the Vocal Coach Who Changed Drake’s Style via Jezebel So much work, practice, and good habits go into a seemingly effortless final product. 3) Rising Strong by Brené Brown This is a book about wrestling with shame, recovering from failure, and practicing forgiveness, but I took much from it that I’ll apply to my creative life. 4) Magic Lessons podcast…

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The Legacy of Scott Dinsmore

Last week Scott Dinsmore suddenly and tragically passed away. I heard this news from the online community he’d created, but then subsequently started asking my real-life friends if they read Live Your Legend. Grief can be so isolating, even if you’re grieving the loss of someone you’ve never met. I know I said we’d go out for drinks tonight, but how can we celebrate when the world just lost such a beautiful person? A week…

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Monday Morning Inspiration – 9.14.15

1) How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over via TEDx 2) The Crossroads of Should and Must via Medium Bucking expectations and blending your life into your art 3) Creativity and the Throne of Agony via How to Fascinate Part of the creative process is inherently awful. “There’s a reason it’s called a ‘breakthrough.’ You have to actually BREAK THROUGH something.” 4) The Gentle Art of Trying Something & Sucking at It via Zen Habits Making…

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Four Ways Learning a Foreign Language Can Help Your Creativity

New inspiration doesn’t always just hit you with bolts of lightning. Sometimes you have to seek it out — in nature, in books, attending performances. One unexpected source of inspiration for me has been the study of other languages. I studied French in school and I try to keep up with it as best as I can now that I’m an adult with a career and all that. Here are four ways I’ve found language learning…

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Monday Morning Inspiration – 9.7.15

Happy Labor Day! Here’s what’s been inspiring me: 1) Kanye West’s surprisingly conflicted and endearing speech at the VMAs. 2) 2014 on Spotify This site has some fascinating stats about music last year, but if you scroll to the bottom, you’ll get stats on your own music habits. Apparently I was really emo. 3) While we’re on the topic of music stats, here’s charts measuring the timelessness of old music. 4) The Bright Side of…

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TIL: A Lesson in Self-Acceptance from French Grammar

TIL: French grammar is structured to reflect the belief that you are responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions, but not your emotions. When I was studying in Paris, I met a man in his 20s who had converted to Islam. When I asked him why, he responded, “Like falling sick or falling in love, I fell Muslim.” I didn’t understand that then. But today to explain the subjonctif, my prof explained that in French…

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Writing Mean Songs

We all love a good, mean breakup song when we hear it on the radio — “You Oughta Know,” “Irreplaceable,” “F*ck/Forget You.” But what does it seem like when it’s coming from someone you know? At what point do we have to curtail our creativity to preserve our relationships?

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