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Month: March 2018

If you’re not ready to #DeleteFacebook, make it suck less for creators

I wrote yesterday about how Facebook is hurting creators (mainly because it’s ripping them off) and data leakage aside, that should be enough reason for you to #DeleteFacebook. But maybe you’re simply not ready to delete your account; maybe it’s the only way you can stalk your frenemies from high school or make sure you get invited to your ex’s birthday. I get it. It’s hard to leave a party where everyone’s sitting around pretending…

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How #DeleteFacebook can save creators

I’ve been helping musicians with their digital marketing since 2009, long enough to remember when Facebook seemed like it would be Savior of the Arts. In those days, we were frustrated that our custom Myspace coding kept breaking and happy to run to newly-opened business pages on Facebook. Having fans actually hear music on Facebook pages was always a challenge since the available third-party apps kept going out of business — but hey, what artist didn’t want…

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