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Baking Cookies

There are so many creative things we can do in our everyday lives.

Taking a walk without destination and wandering where your feet take you.
Finding a secluded spot to read.
Cleaning your home so you feel lighter living in it.
Reaching out to friends when they need it.
Writing postcards to your family.
Disconnecting from your phone for an hour.
Coming into your body through exercise.
Making your lover laugh.
Confusing your brain with a new language.
Assembling playlists for your crush.
Joining a book club.
Skipping a book club when you don’t like the topic.
Painting your nails.
Trying on new styles.
Journaling by candlelight.
Baking cookies with the ingredients you have in the house.
Standing up against racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia.
Working beyond your job description.
Snapchatting a story from the mundane.
Planning for the future.
Breathing mindfully.
Taking in nature.
Being present with a conversation.
Thanking your friends for being themselves.
Decorating for the first time.
Starting each day as if it were brand new.
Giving up the option of giving up.
Paying off debts.
Living within your means.
Cooking meals that nourish.
Sitting in silence.
Unfriending that person who makes you crazy.
Moving to a new city.

We are continuously creating ourselves. Let us be unbounded in pursuing our own completeness.

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