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If you’re not ready to #DeleteFacebook, make it suck less for creators

I wrote yesterday about how Facebook is hurting creators (mainly because it’s ripping them off) and data leakage aside, that should be enough reason for you to #DeleteFacebook. But maybe you’re simply not ready to delete your account; maybe it’s the only way you can stalk your frenemies from high school or make sure you get invited to your ex’s birthday. I get it. It’s hard to leave a party where everyone’s sitting around pretending…

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How #DeleteFacebook can save creators

I’ve been helping musicians with their digital marketing since 2009, long enough to remember when Facebook seemed like it would be Savior of the Arts. In those days, we were frustrated that our custom Myspace coding kept breaking and happy to run to newly-opened business pages on Facebook. Having fans actually hear music on Facebook pages was always a challenge since the available third-party apps kept going out of business — but hey, what artist didn’t want…

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An Unforgivable Social Media Sin

We need to have a heart-to-heart about something. Many mistakes can be overlooked, but there’s one unforgivable social media sin (or maybe it’s just my biggest pet peeve). If you do this, you will annoy everyone despite your best intentions. Your content will prove you’re an amateur by its very nature. And it just looks bad. I’m talking about HOLDING YOUR PHONE VERTICALLY WHEN YOU’RE FILMING VIDEO. Unforgivable. I know that vertical is the natural…

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Maintaining an Air of Mystery Around Your Project

In today’s climate of constant Twitter updates and Instagram pics, many — particularly those who idolized rock n’ rollers of the 70s and 80s — decry the lack of mystery around musicians. “I don’t want to think of my favorite rock stars as humans!” your dad complains. “Rock gods don’t get stuck in traffic or share what they had for breakfast!” (This sounds uncannily like typical “kids these days” talk to me, but what can…

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Instagram vs. Twitter vs. Facebook

So you just got Instagram! You are excitedly taking pictures of mediocre sunsets and making them look stunning with filters! It’s the best day of your life!!! It’s not the best day for your fans though. In your excitement, you’ve been cross-posting every photo. Your Twitter fans are seeing a bunch of cut off sentences with links they have to click to understand, and your Facebook fans are suddenly seeing all these pictures of your…

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How Do I Get My Fans to Actually Submit Stuff?

Last time we talked about contests, and how it’s surprisingly hard to get people to want to win stuff. You’d think free stuff would be an easy sell! But sadly, it’s not. And if free stuff isn’t a no-brainer, you can imagine how hard it will be to get responses to fan submission programs where fans actually have to work for something … Here are a few lessons from my experiences with fan submissions. 1)…

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Contests That Don’t Bore The Crap Out of Everyone

Online contests can be unusually hard. You’d think that wanting to win things is a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at how few submissions you get when you’re running a giveaway. The average consumer is so bombarded with “Chances to Win!” and so few actual wins that it doesn’t even seem worth the time to enter. If you want to avoid playing Eenie Meenie Minie Mo between your only two entrants, here are a…

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To Selfie or Not To Selfie

Everyone’s doing them. James Franco wrote about them in The New York Times. They even have their own song! Selfies are one of the most joked-about aspects of camera phones and social media. We all know that person whose epic duck face becomes the butt of all our jokes. But kidding aside, selfies can also be a useful tool for artists. A lot of artists I talk to feel hesitant about posting selfies online, and they come…

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Six Ideas for Promoting Shows as Unique Events

One of the most frustrating things as a musician is to promote shows online. Your social networks and email list are usually the primary way to drive fans to an event, but it can be horribly boring to continually post about tour dates if you’re playing a lot of them. How can you keep promoting shows over and over without turning your stream of content into a mind-numbing list of “I’m excited” statuses? You’ll need…

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Connect With Your Why For Deeper Fan Relationships

Have you seen this classic TED talk from Simon Sinek? I love his point that people will intuitively react to your inner motivation even if you haven’t thought it out for yourself. It got me thinking about the different kinds of artists I’ve met — those who seem humble and unguarded, those who seem like they’re seeking attention, and those who use art as a platform for a broader message. How many of them have…

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