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Five Ways to Promote Your Art with Your Facebook Profile

Last week we talked about why solo artists still need to use pages on Facebook even if they have profile pages using the same name. But hopefully you didn’t take that as a directive to go out and delete your profile! Your Facebook profile can be a really useful thing for promoting your art. Here are a few suggestions of how to make the best use of it:

1) Use your cover photo and your About You box to point back to your page.

Create a cover photo that shows what exciting stuff you have going on right now — maybe it’s a new product, or a tour — and then add the URL to your page so your friends can know to go there for more official news. In your About You box, say something like, “‘Like’ my Facebook page for more news about my music!”

2) Organize your friends into regional lists for easy invites to events.

This is one of my favorite things to do with a profile. Pages don’t have the ability to invite fans to events, but profiles do. As new friends come in, add them to lists by state or country so that you have a Utah list handy next time you’re playing in Salt Lake City. Then when it’s time, you can invite all those folks to the page’s official event.

3) Keep a street team list of friends who will help promote you.

Just as it’s helpful to have your friends organized by state, you can also make a friend list of your most engaged fans to have handy when you need their help.

4) Send personal messages.

On pages, you can only respond to messages sent to you by fans. But with your profile, you can reach out to any of your friends to invite them to a show or ask them to hang flyers at their local coffee shop. If you take the time to write individualized messages that aren’t spammy, your fans will feel super special knowing you took the time to write them personal messages.

5) Send a message about the page to the friend requests you don’t have room for.

Once you reach the coveted 5,000 friends, you can send new friend requests a sweet message apologizing that you can’t be friends but asking them to “Like” your page to stay in touch.

These tips can also apply to individual group members who maintain personal Facebook profiles and get friend requests from avid fans. Think of what all of you could do with 5,000 friends each!

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