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How to Consistently Post Engaging, Authentic Content on Social Media

Help me, I don’t have anything to post about!

The beautiful thing about social media outlets is that we, as curators, have so many options for what to share about our lives and art. Possibilities are endless!

Wait, who am you kidding? This is terrifying! Can’t you just give me a calendar with what I’m supposed to be doing here? Please hand me a checklist: Promote my show on Monday, share a Buzzfeed article on Tuesday, post a picture of my dinner on Wednesday…

What you’re asking for will lead you down a path of stiff, inconsistent social media posts.

Our online profiles are meant to be extensions of who we are offline. Since we’re all different, this means that there’s no one strategy that will work for everyone. While you may feel dread facing the “What’s on your mind?” box without a rulebook, I promise this freedom is a positive thing! The guidelines are actually simple and liberating:

Play to your strengths.

Leave out the types of posts that seem unnatural to you. Hate selfies? Okay, don’t post them. The world won’t end. But find the things that really do get you going.

Maybe you’re on the road all the time and are constantly seeing wacky things happen. Maybe your bandmates are always getting into ridiculous shenanigans. Maybe you’re really creative with your show outfits. Post pictures!

But I’m not touring / nothing fun happens when we’re driving through Nebraska / I’m an old lady and I go to bed at 9.

Do you spend your time free falling into the dark holes of the Internet? Share that crazy article about Nigerian cyber terrorists you found and start a discussion.

Do you constantly have epiphanies about the way people work? Try condensing them to 140 characters and posting.

Maybe you take gorgeous Instagram photos of the city where you live, or maybe you can make hilarious 6-second videos on Vine.

But I’m a misanthrope and I hate everyone!

Have a little perspective on your curmudgeonly opinions and share them with a tongue-in-cheek twist! (Yes, I’ve actually seen this work — see Sage Francis.)

Forget what James Franco said about selfies being the new online currency. There’s no one right way to engage with your fans. You don’t have to follow someone else’s rulebook about who you’re supposed to be online.

Think about the kinds of posts that get you going, and then keep making them. That’s it. Them’s the rules.

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