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If you’re not ready to #DeleteFacebook, make it suck less for creators

Why do I hate the quotations around “like” so much
Why do I hate the quotations around “like” so much

I wrote yesterday about how Facebook is hurting creators (mainly because it’s ripping them off) and data leakage aside, that should be enough reason for you to #DeleteFacebook. But maybe you’re simply not ready to delete your account; maybe it’s the only way you can stalk your frenemies from high school or make sure you get invited to your ex’s birthday. I get it. It’s hard to leave a party where everyone’s sitting around pretending to be happy.

So if you’re staying on Facebook, how can you make it a better experience for the artists you love? Here’s a few ways you can help your favorite pages beat the algorithm without spending their entire budget on advertising.

1) Share AND comment on posts
Post reach is heavily driven by comments. If a page posts something you enjoy, don’t just Like it; share it to your feed and also leave a comment on the original post. (Please say something nice!)

2) Use “See First”
Head over to pages you support and choose “See First” from the “Following” drop-down. This will make any new posts appear at the top of your news feed. You can also turn notifications on for good measure.

Choose “See First” and turn on notifications to keep up with your favorite pages
Choose “See First” and turn on notifications to keep up with your favorite pages

3) Tag an artist’s page when you’re talking about them
Unless you’re talking shit. That’s just rude.

4) RSVP to Facebook events and invite your friends
Your RSVP status will show up in your friends’ feeds. If you invite friends to an event, they’ll get notifications every time a host posts in the event. With enough harassment, you can get your friends to break down and start liking what you like. Mwahaha.

5) Invite your fellow fans to Like the page
Once you’ve converted your friends to being fans of your favorite artist, you can invite them to Like the page. 

Grow the party by inviting your friends to Like the page!
Grow the party by inviting your friends to Like the page!

6) Go live from an event
Live broadcasts get the most weight in the algorithm. If you’re at an event you’re excited about, make a short live broadcast from it (and tag the page!). Yes, I do find Facebook Live to be personally annoying, but who cares. It works!

7) Find or start a Facebook group fan club
Find or make a group where you can discuss your fandom with other fans. You can have discussions with people who care as much as you do and brainstorm more ways to support your favorite artists. If you’re obsessive, you can turn on notifications so you see every post made in the group. And let the artist know they have a captive audience inside the fan club group where they can post their work and thoughts.

Got more suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

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