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Instagram vs. Twitter vs. Facebook

So you just got Instagram! You are excitedly taking pictures of mediocre sunsets and making them look stunning with filters! It’s the best day of your life!!!

It’s not the best day for your fans though. In your excitement, you’ve been cross-posting every photo. Your Twitter fans are seeing a bunch of cut off sentences with links they have to click to understand, and your Facebook fans are suddenly seeing all these pictures of your lunch and nothing about your art.

The ‘gram is a great tool, but only if you strategize what content you’ll be sharing where. Here are some thoughts.

1) Twitter
Twitter is meant for of-the-moment updates right? That means I can cross-post all of my sky shots, right? Nope. There are a couple things to keep in mind when posting Instagram photos to Twitter:

  • Twitter allows only 140 characters. Instagram allows more. So if you post a photo with a long description, your Twitter followers will not see all of your long ode to pancakes.
  • Instagram photos are not embedded in Tweets. They just appear as external links. Clicking links to see photos is annoying. Twitter only embeds photos uploaded through their own platform because they’re jerks.
  • Yes, Twitter is meant to be of-the-moment, but unofficially its of-the-moment-ness is different from Instagram’s of-the-moment-ness. This means the following kinds of perfectly acceptable Instagram posts seem really lame on Twitter:
    1. Pictures of food
    2. Photos of your non-famous friends
    3. Snapshots of sky, buildings, any kind of scenery
      Selfies are okay though.

2) Facebook
Unlike Twitter or Instagram where everyone sees everything anyone posts ever, Facebook has an algorithm that curates what its users see for “fans’ best interests” (meaning advertisers’ best interests). If you have a Facebook page, this algorithm means you and Facebook are in a constant fight! If you post good stuff that gets a lot of interaction, Facebook will rank your future posts higher. If you post dumb stuff that no one pays attention to, Facebook will rank your future posts lower. So on Facebook, it is more important than ever to not cross-post all your dumb stuff from Instagram! That can really bum your flow. Only cross-post the best stuff, like that photo of you in that killer dress for the Emmys, or a picture of that cute puppy. Everyone loves puppies.

It’s helpful to follow a few artists you admire on their various social media platforms to see how they curate their content across different feeds. Once you get a feel for it, you’ll learn what works best on each platform. Your various feeds will provide your fans with all sorts of different content and encourage them to follow each of your different profiles. And then you will rule the world.

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