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Monday Morning Inspiration – 10.12.15

1) Ask Polly: How Do I Get Over My Former Enemy via The Cut
“You’re lucky. This woman has become your imaginary enemy and given a shape to your self-immolating tendencies.” I read this expecting a mundane advice column and instead got a reckoning with my Inner Critic that inspired two posts coming later this week.

2) Ryan Adam’s 1989 and the mansplaining of Taylor Swift via The New Statesman
I love both versions of this album, but apparently music critics are afraid of female sincerity.

3) How I Turn Inspiration Into A Song from The Paisley Fields
I’m frequently inspired by how others deal with their own inspiration, and here my friend James Wilson explains how the songs on The Paisley Fields’ new release came to be.

4) Me, Inc. via The New Republic
“The more time I spend defining my personal brand, the more contrived it feels when I talk about myself.”

5) 21 ‘In-Case-of-Emergency’ Ideas for Writing Articles and Blog Posts via Inc.
I just may be saving this for myself for later, idk.

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