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The Legacy of Scott Dinsmore

Last week Scott Dinsmore suddenly and tragically passed away.

I heard this news from the online community he’d created, but then subsequently started asking my real-life friends if they read Live Your Legend. Grief can be so isolating, even if you’re grieving the loss of someone you’ve never met. I know I said we’d go out for drinks tonight, but how can we celebrate when the world just lost such a beautiful person?

A week has passed and I’m still tearing up thinking about how meaningful Scott was to me. I’ve been reading his blog Live Your Legend for years. Scott’s legacy is not just spreading the message of finding work that you love, but also being willing to show up and be vulnerable over and over. He repeatedly owned his mistakes and embarrassing examples from his past writings to show that failure is not the end. From him I learned that I could get better at anything I wanted to do, so long as I was willing to do it imperfectly. For a self-critical perfectionist, this was an invaluable lesson.

This blog likely wouldn’t exist if not for Scott. He encouraged his readers to use blogging as a tool for self-discovery and connection building, even if they weren’t completely certain from the beginning what it was they’d be writing about. With this in mind, I started my first blog Sense & Sociability, then Not Fully Cooked, before settling on Make Your Things. Even though I didn’t stick with the first two, with Scott’s encouragement I was able to see them not as failed projects but as iterations in the right direction.

Scott died while on a world tour he’d always dreamed of taking. He lived his life to the fullest, following his passions and impacting so many lives. I am better for having known him, if only online.

His legend lives on.

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  1. I just learned of Scott’s passing yesterday when I received a blog post from James Clear. I was stunned. And sad. I never met Scott but as a long time subscriber of LYL, he was the inspiration that spurred me into action to launch my own site. He helped so many people do amazing things. He really was a legend.

    Thanks for your beautiful post.

    Laura Beth

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