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Use Substance, Not Exclamation Points, To Express Your Enthusiasm

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’ve got a big show coming up and you want to express to your audience just how much this performance is going to blow minds, so you write out a nice little message for them telling how excited you are.

I’m so thrilled to be playing at Johnny’s Pub and Dive later this month! This show is going to be great! Don’t miss it!!!!

And their response? Crickets.

What happened?

Unfortunately, simply stating that you’re excited doesn’t create enthusiasm in your audience. It says nothing substantive, so it’s easy to tune out, just like all of the baby photos and ads for teeth whitening on Facebook.

What to do?

You need substance for your promotion to compete with all of the other content. Instead of just saying that you’re looking forward to the show, tell your audience why they should be excited. Maybe you’re debuting a new song, or maybe Johnny’s has $2 beers. Do you have a funny story from last time you were at the venue? What are your fans going to be missing if they choose to stay home on the couch watching House of Cards instead?

You have an opportunity here both to make yourself stand out among the noise but also to show a little bit of your personality. That substance is what is going to hook people to read your messages long term.

Last time we played Johnny’s Pub, the sound blew out and we had to finish our last song a cappella. We thought it was going to be a disaster, but instead that change up turned out to be so awesome that we kept it in the song! Come out this Friday to see what we’ve done with the set. (Oh, and $2 beers don’t hurt.)

This approach will help keep your fans from feeling like you’re crying wolf every time you promote something.

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